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WonderDogs is very special

WonderDogs is a very special dog training center where you and your loved companion are treated with kindness, respect and patience. Plus, they make the learning relaxed and fun.

Donna Sigel Platt, Esquire

WonderDogs staff can do it all

As a dog trainer myself, I look for training facilities which use positive training and get great results. I have referred a number of clients to Wonderdogs for additional training and have been delighted with the results. From basic obedience to more advanced agility training, the staff can do it all.

Debra Stone

I’d give WonderDogs a 4 out of 4 paws!

I loved going to Puppy Head Start. It was great fun and I learned lots of stuff and got to play with other puppies in my class! The trainers were awesome too, and mom says it helped me be socialized and learn important commands. I’d give WonderDogs a 4 out of 4 paws!

Lucy Cottrell

Instructor was very professional

Beginners handling was very helpful and informative, great for the handler and the dog.
Instructor was very professional.
thank you!

Lisa Kanuck

Your trainer is so attentive to detail

Finishing School is worth every penny! Your trainer is so attentive to detail that with some practice at home in addition to the exercises you will practice in class, the results will most likely be wonderful! Our dog is so much more attentive and responsive than she was a mere 8 weeks ago. Thanks, Wonderdogs!

Carol K.

Daisy’s progress has far exceeded my expectations

Thank you for providing such a warm, safe, educational, fun environment for us to learn in. My goal was to have a happy,well adjusted pet and Daisy’s progress has far exceeded my expectations. You’re an amazing person and a wonderful teacher. Honestly, I can’t beleive how much you know (or should I say much I don’t / didn’t know). You have touched and made a difference in our lives as I’m sure you have done countless times for others. Thanks again for your guidance and for all that you do for our 4 legged family members.
With warm regards,

Mariann & (Daisy)

Much respect for your love of animals

I have always respected you for your love of animals and know that you only choose to do what you feel is best for dogs.

Renee l>

I shall continue to refer clients to WonderDogs

“I’ve had many satisfied clients who have been very happy with their WonderDogs experience. I’ve recommended clients with problem dogs throughout the years with good results. Since I believe that a well trained pet is a happy pet, I shall continue to refer clients to WonderDogs.”

Dr. Marvin Rothman, Rothman Animal Hospital

Wish there was a facility in California like Wonderdogs.

I wish there were a training facility in Southern California like WonderDogs! Do you know ANY place in that neck of the woods for my daughter’s puppy? At first glance, nothing offered there can hold a candle to the classes you provide.

Barbara W.

Your advice was perfect

I can’t even say enough good things about you! Doing rescue is very rewarding but sometimes with dogs like Bubba, your heart really goes out. I was so afraid of what you might say about him the day I brought him to you. Your advice was perfect for him and he now has a brand new chance at life. I thank you and I’m sure he does too!

Diane from Heaven Sent Bulldog Rescue

You had a big impact on Marlin and me

Many people have complimented me on Marlin’s training. I really believe in your philosophy of continuing to train your dog throughout its life. Marlin just passed his Canine Good Citizen test. Thanks! You had a big impact on Marlin and me.

Lauren C.

I confidently recommend WonderDogs

Each day I confidently recommend WonderDogs to my clients because I have seen the benefits of positive training. The staff at WonderDogs has trained many of my patients. I love to see the bond develop between dogs and clients as they completed basic training and continue into advanced activities.

Christopher Keefe, VMD, Creek's Edge Animal Hospital


My husband and I attended orientation last night and wanted to take a moment to say BRAVO! We truly enjoyed it. You are so animated and colorful and really convey the true spirit of puppy training. I found everything to be so reinforcing and informative.


Dog training can work wonders

Thank you so much for making such a difference in our lives. It is such a joy to have both these dogs as companions. I had heard stories about how dog training can work wonders, but somehow thought that was for very special people who had a particular gift for it. The transformations that I witnessed in my own dogs were amazing. I am a better owner now and never need to worry about my dogs being badly with others. Since they now know their place and what is expected of them and they are so happy. Thanks again!

Jayne C.

As a veterinarian, I recommend WonderDogs

WonderDogs is an amazing dog training facility that offers classes in socialization, obedience and fun activities for owners and dogs. As a veterinarian, I recommend WonderDogs to all new puppies and adoptions as a way to help families create a well rounded dog. I have attended many classes with each of my Bullmastiffs. As a result, my dogs are well trained and continually impress people with their good manners

Rebecca Fulton, VMD, Domer Bullmastiffs, Bethel Mill Animal Hospital

we couldn’t have made it through puppydom without you and your staff

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how well Maggie has turned out thanks to your classes. We had her back at the breeder for 2 weeks while we were away and she couldn’t have been more impressed with her eye contact and behavior skills. Thanks again for running a great training facility: we couldn’t have made it through puppydom without you and your staff.

Sue H.

This little Bulldog is a “Not So Terrible Teen”

We wanted to express our pleasure with the Terrible Teens class that Buster just completed. It was a first experience for all of us as he’s our first dog. He’s listening so much better and now we have many techniques to remember and continue using. You were patient, dedicated teachers who showed your affection for animals by using a loving reward system. We hope to take another class in the future and, until then, this little Bulldog is a “Not So Terrible Teen”

Cheryl & Nancy M.

The best training our dog has ever had

We love flyball and WonderDogs. It is the best training our dog has ever had.

Joanne Newfield

I just want to say thank you.

I just want to say thank you. I think as our dogs grow and learn more and more we forget where they began. I am so thankful for having a wonderful place to train with Kelsey and the wonderful instructors who have worked with us.

I have a foster dog, Lucy, for 2 weeks until another long term foster home can take her. She has hip issues that need to be addressed. She is 20 months old and knows nothing. I mean nothing. She was bought on the internet and spent her time alone in a yard, laundry room or crate. She doesn’t know how to gain attention without mouthing and jumping. She is Kelsey as a 10 week old puppy in a big Golden body. But I learned a lot from you. In two days she has come far. This morning she actually sat in front of me for attention. Wow!!! Guess she was tired of seeing my back. She’s actually walking on a SENSE-ation Harness last night once Rick and I got the harness on her. Being still is not something she does well. She’s on a martingale so she doesn’t back out every time to try to hold her collar. She will fetch anything which is giving both of us a lot of exercise. She’s a sweet, sweet Golden though and I know she is going to be a great dog for someone who will continue her training.

Kelsey, she has been a gem. I can put Kelsey in a sit stay in the kitchen while Lucy eats in the family room and Kelsey never moves until I say it’s ok for her to eat. She tries to get her to play but Lucy has no clue what play is, but Kelsey keeps trying. I tell Kelsey to settle and Lucy looks at her, then lays down for a few minutes. I say “kennel” and Kelsey goes in, even though I don’t want her in there. I want Lucy in there. Of course I have to bribe, push and pull to get Lucy to kennel-up and Kelsey just looks at her thinking, what is her problem?? This morning we tried down. Kelsey from the other room did a perfect down as I was still waiting for Lucy to get her butt down to give her the treat hiding in my hand. Rick, said “Don’t forget to release Kelsey over there”. We just laughed. Rick said, “Boy you really forget how good she is”. Kelsey is sharing so nicely. Lucy needs a lot of time and attention and Kelsey is just great with her. I love my girl.

Thanks for helping make Kelsey such a gem. You can really appreciate a trained dog when you have one with no training. All that work and cost is worth every penny and every minute. Life is good with a dog with training. Just saying.

Ruth & Rick

Thank you for everything WonderDogs has done for us

Me and my wife wanted to say thank you for everything WonderDogs has done for us. We are still doing your classes and we have a well trained Beagle and I know she will get even better at Wonderdogs. Phillie loves it there and so do we. Thank You!!!!!

Ronald Shemelia

Wow, I learned so much from Carole Richards!

Wow, I learned so much from Carole Richards! I was a complete beginner with my first show dog, and didn’t even know the right kind of ‘equipment’ I needed. Carole was very kind and reassuring, and she gently helped to guide us. I never felt that this was something I could not do – instead, Carole made us feel that we were capable of entering the ring.

Jody Raines

Back to School Night is important

In my field of work as an educator, Back to School Night is important because it is the window that exposes a look into the vision and mission of the school and gives insight into the beliefs and philosophies of the instructor. This was the same with the first Puppy Headstart class which was an orientation without the puppies present. During this orientation, we learned what to expect.

Dorothy Burke

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Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers
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