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Terrible Teens

Who should come? This class is for adolescent puppies from 17 weeks to 12 months. If the Terrible Teens class you want to attend is already fully enrolled, you may register your dog for the Bachelor of Arfs class instead. Course material is very similar and we will be happy to adapt the program to suit your adolescent.

What will we learn? Adolescence in any species comes with a singular set of challenges. This class will center on basic obedience with a primary focus on how to utilize these exercises to produce a well-mannered house pet. Discussions in class will center on exploring our dogs' behaviors and offering solutions to the problems commonly seen at this developmental stage.

How long does a sesson last? Session lasts 8 weeks.

What does it cost? $425.00

Our Terrible Teens Class will help you improve communication with the family dog, build a more enjoyable relationship and result in an enhanced dog-owning experience for owners of all levels of experience.

Instructor(s): Barbara Kahn, Marci Lynne, Buck Brown, Sally Lenhart.

Bachelor of Arfs

Who should come? This class is for dogs older than 12 months and is an entry level obedience class.

What will we learn? Problem-solving and basic manners are the hallmark of the WonderDogs B.A. program. Owners will be taught how to create improved focus and concentration in their pets, develop appropriate greeting behavior, acceptable leash walking, and other important skills that make it easier and much more pleasant to live with their canine companions.

How long does a sesson last? The session lasts approximately an hour each week for 8 weeks.

What does it cost? $425.00

A well-trained dog

Instructor(s): Barbara Kahn, Marci Lynne, Buck Brown and Sally Lenhart

When do classes start? October 29th
Day & Time: Tuesday

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