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Monday, July 6, 2020

Reopening information

Welcome to everyone who has been inquiring about starting classes at WonderDogs and to all our current students whose patience and understanding has been phenomenal these past few months. 

We will be reopening on Monday, July 6th.  For the first week, hours will be somewhat different than usual:  Monday 10-6, Tuesday 10-9, Wednesday 10-6, Thursday 10-9, Friday 10-6, Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 11-5.  These hours will likely revert to our regular schedule the following week.

We will be calling and/or emailing all students whose sessions were interrupted to confirm their attendance as we resume their classes. We will not be giving refunds for any sessions that had to be postponed but we will issue credit for any unused classes for anyone who chooses not to resume class when it restarts.

Because we need to finish up all those interrupted classes, we will be posting tentative start dates for new sessions on Sunday or Monday.  Please remember that these may change as circumstances indicate.  You may sign up on line, by phone or by mailing a check.  If you are a new student, please fill out the enrollment form on line to help facilitate your registration.  All students, current and future, are required to agree to the following guidelines:

Here are the best practices we will be undertaking and asking for your compliance.

In general

Everyone must wear a mask when in the building.  No exceptions.

Please register online or by phone whenever possible to minimize traffic in the office.

We are asking that you not enter the building until a staff member indicates you may do so.  The class that may be taking place before yours must be allowed to exit safely before the next class enters.

Seating in the entry area will be placed a minimum of 6’ apart.  Please do not move the chairs.

Please bring water for your own dog if you choose to.  No individual waterers or communal water bowls will be available.

You may bring your own seating if you prefer. 

There will be no shared crates.  If you need or prefer to crate your dog, feel free to bring a crate with you or crate in your car.

We will have hands free soap dispensers and hand sanitizers in both rest rooms, the office and at the front door.

Entry area

A hand sanitizing station will be available.  We recommend you utilize it as necessary as you arrive and leave.

Chairs arms will be sanitized after each class.

Please respect the required 6’ distance between students at all times.


Only 1 person may be in the store at any given time.  Paper bags instead of plastic will be provided for purchases. You will be asked to tell us your credit card information rather than handing you card to a staff member to swipe it.


Unless absolutely necessary, only 1 person/dog will be allowed in class.  One additional family member over 18 years of age may sit in the entry area during class.  Using Zoom or other virtual methods of sharing your lessons with other family members will be allowed and encouraged since we recognize that training your dog is a family affair.

Instructors will not be demonstrating exercises with students’ dogs in pet dog classes as we did in the past.  We will not be offering our supply of treats, toys and equipment to share with students.  Please make sure you bring everything you need each week.

Some classes may be held outdoors if and when appropriate.

Most handouts will be given at one time at the beginning of your session instead of doled out weekly as previously done. 

Any exercises considered impossible to execute under the current restrictions will be modified to make them safe and practical.

Please allow your dog to relieve itself before class to minimize unnecessary movement and distractions.

For members and graduating students, we will soon have an online way to take advantage of any discount to which you may be entitled.

We are doing everything we can to keep our pets, customers and employees safe and to keep our operations running at normal levels. In light of COVID-19, we’re increasing the frequency and extent of daily cleanings and taking extra operational steps to ensure that you & your pet can continue to enjoy the benefits of your time at WonderDogs.

The facility will be open on Monday, July 6 but please check the web site for information on new start dates.

We are committed to doing what is right for our employees, guests & clients during this challenging time.

Our Instructors

Kathy Nieves- Flyball

Kathy enjoys the one-on-one training that is unique to each handler and dog. She also believes in the importance of encouraging students to keep things fun for them as well as their dogs.

Following her Rat Terrier’s true passion for tennis balls, Kathy started training Ripley in flyball with Dede Crough at WonderDogs in 2007. In 2012, Ripley achieved her ONYX title through the North American Flyball Association (NAFA®). Ripley and Kathy are original members of the Happily Evfur After Flyball Club and at age 11, Ripley is still competing. In 2011, Kathy began assistant teaching with Dede and in 2014 became the WonderDogs flyball instructor.

Before turning her focus to flyball, Kathy trained Ripley in agility competing in AKC, CPE, and NADAC. Ripley is an avid dock diver, earning her UJJ title through the United Kennel Club.

Kathy’s other Rat Terrier, Newt (age 9), has been trained in agility and most recently started training in K9 Nose Work.

In 2010, Kathy rescued Keegan, a Border Collie. Since Keegan is dog reactive, Kathy has pursued training in agility through private lessons and competing in VALOR, a virtual agility league geared for dogs and handlers unable to compete in mainstream venues. Keegan has earned his VES and VEJ titles. Keegan also trains in herding and more recently Kathy introduced him and Ripley to canine water sports.

Kathy continues to grow her knowledge of dog behavior and sports through training with skilled instructors, attending seminars, and reading books.