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Friday, September 11, 2020


Nosework is a fun search and scenting activity that can begin at any stage in your dog’s life and last a lifetime. 


Register on line by clicking on "nosework" on our classes menu or call 856 767-6464.



WonderDogs have fun! See our latest brags:

Black = Agility Titles
Red = Conformation Titles
Green = Obedience
Brown = Flyball Titles
Pink = Freestyle Titles
Teal = Nosework Titles
Blue = Rally
Purple = Miscellaneous Titles
Orange = Tricks Titles
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Handler Dog's Name Title Earned Breed
Deb Karfs Lolo VAX - versatility Akita excellent Akita
Jen Rhyshek Izzy C-ATCH-3 Lab
Lynne MacLuskie Macie NAP title, 1st Q Open JWW Cavalier
Carole Richards *  Ruffo 4th major, new Champion Vizsla
Valerie Casperite *  Seamus NW5 Elite German Shorthair Pointer
Julia Blackley Lilah TKN/ADP-L1 Newfiedoodle
Deb Karfs Lolo DCAT Akita
Karen Lockhart Willow CRO L4T Wire Fox Terrier
Laura Rixham Jack Rally Novice-perfect score Whippet
Michele DeJulia Sugar SWN Boston Terrier
Joanne Newfield Higgins FDCH-G Border Terrier
Ronni Urkowitz Riley SW Adv. Exc-E,I,C Portuguese Water Dog
Linda Hunt Cherokee SW Int.Adv.Ext.Adv. German Shepherd Dog
Valerie Casperite *  Donovan 3W-3pt. Major German Shorthair Pointer
Donna Hunt Axel 2 legs, RN Rottweiler
Carole Richards *  Ruffo 3rd major; WD, BOW, BOS, WD Vizsla
Valerie Casperite *  Fiona RN-Q German Shorthair Pointer
Jude Azaren *  Dusty T-CRO-II Belgian Malinois
Maria Gifford Django NJP Golden Retriever
Lynne MacLuskie Macie NJP Cavalier

Handlers with an * are WonderDogs instructors
Brags last updated 2/24/2020 10:51:00 AM

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