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Black = Agility Titles
Red = Conformation Titles
Green = Obedience
Brown = Flyball Titles
Pink = Freestyle Titles
Teal = Nosework Titles
Blue = Rally
Purple = Miscellaneous Titles
Orange = Tricks Titles
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Handler Dog's Name Title Earned Breed
Rhona Magni *  Rush Rally Triple, Double HC-M, Adv,Exc-1 Border Collie
Rhona Magni *  Evie AKC Advanced title, 1st & 2nd pl. Papillion
Terry Kuhn Erin ACT1 Collie
Joanne Newfield Chase BCAT YorkiPoo
Joanne Newfield Higgins Junior Earthdog Border Terrier
Ariel Duncan Oona Dock Elite Excellent Borzoi
Sally Gichner *  EV AKC Master FAST, 80Q in FAST Border Collie
Lynne MacLuskie Macie AXP, AJP Cavalier
Lisa Chernack Nitro Novice FAST, 1st Q, 2nd pl. Lab
Julia Blackley Lilah T-CRO II Newfiedoodle
Penny Page Gabe T-CRO III Golden Retriever
Jude Azaren *  Star T-CRO III Siberian Husky
Ariel Duncan Oona RI Borzoi
Joanne Newfield Higgins FMX Border Terrier
Deb Karfs Lolo SNC Akita
Eillene Moore Cali ADP-L1 Mixed
Jude Azaren *  Dusty T-CRO-CH, T-CRO-V, OD-WD4 Belgian Malinois
Valerie Casperite *  Donovan BOW, Specialty Reserve German Shorthair Pointer
Marci Lynne *  Tulip 3 Qs, 4th place/containers Pharaoh Hound
Sarah Cowell Rayne 3rd pl. Exc. Interior title Vizsla

Handlers with an * are WonderDogs instructors
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