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Black = Agility Titles
Red = Conformation Titles
Green = Obedience
Brown = Flyball Titles
Pink = Freestyle Titles
Teal = Nosework Titles
Blue = Rally
Purple = Miscellaneous Titles
Orange = Tricks Titles
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Handler Dog's Name Title Earned Breed
Marci Lynne *  Tulip 3 Qs, 4th place/containers Pharaoh Hound
Sarah Cowell Rayne 3rd pl. Exc. Interior title Vizsla
Valerie Casperite *  Donovan SCN 1st pl German Shorthair Pointer
Marci Lynne *  Tulip SCN Pharaoh Hound
Valerie Casperite *  Donovan Jr. Hunter title German Shorthair Pointer
Laura Rixham Jack Rally Novice Whippet
Jen Rhyshek Paisley DS (dock diving senior) Lab
Ronni Urkowitz Riley SW Exc. Interior title Portuguese Water Dog
Valerie Casperite *  Anabelle New Champion German Shorthair Pointer
Rhona Magni *  Ember UDX3, RAE2 Border Collie
Laura Rixham Jack New Champion, 5 pt. major Whippet
Jude Azaren *  Dusty T-CRO III Belgian Malinois
Valerie Casperite *  Donovan BOW, Major German Shorthair Pointer
Constance Mood Julian PACH Poodle
Jude Azaren *  Dusty DCO-CF Adv. 2 Belgian Malinois
Sally Gichner *  E.V. AX Border Collie
Pat Browne Indy BCAT, Dock Diving Junior Golden Retriever
Rhona Magni *  Ember HIT, High Combined, Open B + Utility B Border Collie
Rhona Magni *  Rush RAE Border Collie
Maria Gifford Django NAP Golden Retriever

Handlers with an * are WonderDogs instructors
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