Monday, November 16, 2020

COVID19 regulations

In order to comply with the New Jersey executive orders re COVID-19 limiting indoor gatherings, we ask that only one member per family attend orientations and classes. The person attending may take videos of any and all lessons and share all the paperwork they are given with other family members.  This is surely not ideal since we recognize owning a dog is a family affair but we must put everyone's health and wellbeing first and foremost.  Thank you for your compliance and cooperation.

Our Instructors

Buck Brown - Pet Classes, Tricks, Reactive Rovers, Finishing School

When Buck began owning pet dogs in the late 1950's, his only goal was to have dogs that displayed good house manners and came when they were called. As his desire to understand more about dog behavior grew, along with an equally strong desire to help owners who seemed to have difficulties with their dogs, Buck began an intense program to educate himself using books, videos and seminars to increase his knowledge and expertise.

He tried to enroll his first Fila Brasiliero in an obedience class only to find that the instructor, wary of this large, fiercely protective breed, would not allow the dog in the class. Forced to utilize trainers specializing in forceful methods, Buck learned how to get this dynamic dog under control during both normal and stressful situations. All the while he was continuing to increase his dog training expertise.

He began assisting in basic obedience classes that used positive reinforcement training and this kindler, gentler method greatly appealed to him. After assisting for years, Buck took a test to become a full-charge instructor at Petco in Bensalem, PA and he continues his classes there to this day. Buck has also continued through seminars, helping at dog shows and various dog-related events, doing Canine Good Citizen and temperament testing and being a representative for the Fila Brasiliero Club of America, to remain involved, active and up to date in the care and training of dogs.

His goal as an instructor at WonderDogs is to help owners live in harmony with their dogs, to increase their understanding of their canine companions and to improve their relationships with and enjoyment of these wonderful animals.