Monday, November 16, 2020

COVID19 regulations

In order to comply with the New Jersey executive orders re COVID-19 limiting indoor gatherings, we ask that only one member per family attend orientations and classes. The person attending may take videos of any and all lessons and share all the paperwork they are given with other family members.  This is surely not ideal since we recognize owning a dog is a family affair but we must put everyone's health and wellbeing first and foremost.  Thank you for your compliance and cooperation.

Our Instructors

Ana Cilursu-- Nosework

I have been involved with Nosework since 2015. With my first NW dog Zoey, we titled in AKC Scent Work at the Advanced Level, in Performance Scent Dogs at the Advanced Level, and in NACSW at the NW3 level with additional Level 1 and Level 2 Element titles.

My current Nosework dog is Axel. We are actively competing in AKC Scent Work and have our Scent Work Novice, Advanced Buried/Containers/Interiors, Excellent Containers titles and are working toward our Advanced Exterior title. We are training for the Master level as well. We have titled in National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) in NW2, Level 2 Interiors and and all the Level 1 Elements (Vehicles/Exteriors/Interiors & Containers). We are actively training for NW3. We also have our Scent Dog Novice title with Performance Scent Dogs and are working toward our Advanced title with that venue.

I am an AKC Scent Work judge and have been a Teaching Assistant for the School of Nosework at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA) for the past 2 years

I consider professionalism and ethical standards to be the cornerstones of a good competitive spirit, whether on the giving or receiving end. By adhering to high professional and ethical standards, fairness and common courtesy become a routine easily maintained.

I am passionate about the sport and very excited about being a Nosework instructor at Wonderdogs.