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Level 4 - Intro to Odor - (Trial Elements and Odor Recognition Test Prep.) Go Sniff

Who should come? Dogs who have completed Intro to NW1 and/or 2 (Instructor's discretion based on the individual's skill level)

What will we learn? Dogs will progress from searching for paired hides to searching for odor only. Dogs will be searching all elements: Containers, Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles (weather and light permitting). Handlers will learn how odor moves in various environments and factors that affect odor movement. Searches will include blind hides.

At the completion of this level, those dog-handler teams who are interested in competing in trials may be ready to take their first Odor Recognition Test (ORT). Successful completion of the ORT is a prerequisite for trials. Competition is not a requirement and you and your dog can go on to enjoy the activity of K9 Nose Work® in all four elements for as long as you like!!

When do classes start? February 1st
Day & Time: Friday 6:00 pm

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