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Juith Azaren - Canine Music Freestyle and Rally Obedience

Judith Azaren grew up with collies, music, and dance. She and Glory, her first trained dog, won first prize in a local dog training competition when Judith was 14. In addition to playing piano and guitar, Judith has studied and taught ballet, yoga, and competitive figure skating. Canine freestyle allows her to combine her love of dogs, music, and dance. She has coached students competing in the WCFO, MDSA, and DCDC freestyle venues.

Judith has successfully competed in rally, agility, and freestyle with her rescue dogs Misty (Siberian husky) and Dusty (Belgian Malinois). Misty and Dusty have earned nearly 60 titles. Judith is the founder of Cyber Rally-O, the first video rally venue. Her students have successfully competed in the AKC, APDT, and CRO rally venues.

Judith believes the best dog-human performance teams are developed with love, laughter, and lots of treats.

Misty and Judith - Classical Freestyle - Intermediate